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8239What command for Count Occurences?

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  • bobbit_singapore
    Feb 28, 2002
      Using NoteTab Pro 4.86d:

      I have fairly large files (30 - 100 MB; 500K - 1,500K lines), which
      ontain multiple occurrences of a string. I would like to know the
      number of occurrences, using a clip. The Replace command does not
      have a "Count Occurrences" option. What command(s) should I use?

      The String I'm searchin for represents the header line which starts a
      new document, of which there are several thousand in a file. My end
      objective is to divide the file into 'N' files, each with an
      approximately equal number of documents. IE: if the count is 8,200
      documents, and 'N' = 2, I want to wind up with two files of 4,100
      documents each. Is there a best way in NTB to do this, or should I
      be looking at another tool?

      Best Regards,

      Dick Gascoigne
      Appic (S) Pte Ltd
      74A Amoy Street; Singapore 069893
      Tel: (+65) 225-9908 Fax: (+65) 225-9092
      Email: dick.gascoigne@...
      Web: www.appic.com
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