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8145Re: [Clip] Re: Script to strip scripts from HTML

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  • ...Tyrell...
    Feb 3, 2002
      > > I couldn't live without regular expressions. This should do what you
      > > want:
      > >
      > > ^!Replace \<SCRIPT\>.*\<\/SCRIPT\> \s ACIWRS
      >Make that \<SCRIPT\>\a*\<\/SCRIPT\> and it will find anything between
      >the tag-lines on more then one line...

      make that \<SCRIPT\a*\<\/SCRIPT\> and you find about 800% more script
      sections ;-)

      most webpages today don't just use <SCRIPT> anymore
      but something more like <script language="JavaScript">

      .?. anyone that might have some use for a HTML tag scanner .?.
      you give it a document to process.
      It give you the tag names used in that document, split in two ( | array) lists,
      one for single tags, the one's without a closing partner like IMG
      and one for dual tags, with closing partner BODY


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