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8132Re: [Clip] Script to strip scripts from HTML

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  • Jody
    Feb 1, 2002
      Hi rdeckard1ca,

      >I want to create a script to strip javascripts from saved web
      >pages. Essentially then, I want to search for <SCRIPT>, </SCRIPT>
      >and everything in between and replace it with a blank space.
      >Using FIND and REPLACE though, I can't figure out how to use
      >regular expressions to identify this group of words as a block.
      >The help file isn't very good at illuminating how this might be

      It is easier for me to do a Clip than to use RegExp. So,

      <--- Copy below this line --->
      H=Remove javascript
      ; jody http:/www.notetab.net
      ^!SetScreenUpdate Off
      ^!Jump 1
      ^!Find "<script" S
      ^!IfError End
      ^!Jump Select_Start
      ^!Set %Start%=^$GetRow$:^$GetCol$
      ^!Find "</script>" S
      ^!Jump Select_End
      ^!SelectTo ^%Start%
      ^!InsertText ^%Empty%

      <--- Copy above this line, right --->
      <--- click over a Library, and --->
      <--- choose "Add from Clipboard" --->

      Happy Clip'n!


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