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8128send url to netcaptor/stop new Explorer window opening?

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  • Jonathan Woodbridge
    Feb 1, 2002
      two quick ones: does anyone know code to send a url link in a notetab
      document to a new tab in Netcaptor? I don't want to make Netcaptor my
      default browser yet: had issues with a lot of resources being consumed.
      I have this already, but wondering if

      and, related, I'm using a clip of Hugo's I think to show a document
      focused in Notetab in an explorer window. This worked fine in Win 98,
      but now I'm on XP and it keeps opening a new window even when there's
      Explorer windows open. Anyone know how to check if there's a window open
      before opening a new one?

      it's the FocusApp Explor* that isn't working (because Explorer only
      appears to have the current directory open in its title bar.

      ^!Set %Dirname%=^$GetPath(^**)$
      ^!Set %File%=^$GetFileName(^**)$
      ^!FocusApp Explor*
      ^!IfError OPENExplorer ELSE AlreadyOPEN
      ^!Keyboard ALT+D
      ^!Keyboard CTRL+V ENTER
      ^!Delay 1
      ^!Keyboard SHIFT+TAB #^%File%#
      ^!IfError SKIP_-2
      ^!GoTo EXIT
      ^!Shell explorer.exe /n,/e, ^%Dirname%
      ^!Delay 20
      ^!Keyboard TAB #^%File%#

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