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8127Re: Updated NoteTab documentation (PDF, CHM, HLP)

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  • note_ed
    Feb 1, 2002
      I've posted this message to both the notetab and the clips group as
      I thought it may benefit both. Eric has provided some new HTML help
      files, and Don Paul Beletsky on the Notetab group pointed out that
      the HTML help is not currently linked into Notetab.

      To that end I've put together a clip that will lookup a clip command
      that is currently highlighted in NoteTab within the clip help file.
      Just adjust the clip to your help file's location...


      H="HTML Clip Help"
      ;Temporarily store the clipboard contents
      ;Set the clipboard contents to the current selection
      ^!SetClipboard ^$GetSelection$
      ;Launch the help file (your file location here)
      ^!Shell "C:\Program Files\NoteTab Pro\Help\Clipbook.chm"
      ;Loop until we can set the focus to the help file
      ^!FocusApp Clip Script Help
      ^!IfError FOCUS Else NEXT
      ^!If ^$GetClipboardSize$=0 RESTORE
      ;Select the search tab
      ^!Keyboard ALT+S
      ;Paste the selection in
      ^!Keyboard CTRL+V
      ;List the topics
      ^!Keyboard ALT+L
      ;Restore the original clipboard contents


      I'd advise adding this to a clipbar if you can. Its also worth
      noting that if no clip command is highlighted, the help file will
      simply be opened.

      Hope this is of use to people until HTML Help is integrated into


      Stephen Millard.
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