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7994Re: [Clip] Text block ea line inserts html formatter clip

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  • Alan C.
    Jan 1, 2002
      Hi Jody,

      >I was away and don't have the time to go through everything,

      I have in a doc in NoteTab is a block of text with the following
      characteristics: 1. multiple paragraphs 2. a blank line is each paragraph

      Task: format/convert that text block into html and retain the block's
      former text appearance. Use (need to insert) multiple <br /> and <p></p>

      I had then written the clip for such task. And, my primary focus of this
      thread was to: just sharing my clip - that's all that happened.

      But in the 1st clip's design, I somewhat overshot the obvious. So my 2nd
      post contained the more practical "down to earth" version of the clip.

      Oops I didn't shortly and concisely state my purpose in the first sentence
      of the very first post. Sorry.

      >the following did not seem to be mentioned.

      Thanks. I found it helpful.

      Regards. Alan.
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