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7992Re: [Clip] Text block ea line inserts html formatter clip

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  • Jody
    Dec 31 11:26 PM
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      Hi Alan C.,

      I was away and don't have the time to go through everything, but
      the following did not seem to be mentioned.

      Go to Options | Internet and check the box XHTML and I suppose
      Use lower case. The following is from Help till I pick it up

      Highlight HTML Tags: When enabled, any document with an HTML
      extension (listed in the HTML File Extensions list) will
      highlight HTML tags. Turning this option off will increase the
      speed of screen updating (only noticeable on slower systems). If
      the default extension (see File Filters tab) corresponds to an
      HTML extension, then new documents will also automatically
      highlight HTML tags. This setting is only available in NoteTab

      Create XHTML Tags: When checked, produces tags based on the W3C
      recommendations for XHTML.

      Create Uppercase Tags: When checked, produces tags with element
      and attribute names in uppercase. When unchecked, they are
      rendered in lowercase. When grayed, case is not modified (useful
      when dealing with XML files).

      Create Lowercase URLs: Uncheck this option if you want NoteTab to
      preserve the character case of URLs inserted into HTML documents.
      When checked, URLs are converted to lowercase.


      After that, all the Clips, Document to HTML, Change HTML Tags,
      selected or unselected text, and so on will be done in XHTML.

      >; Last edited:Thursday, 27 December 2001
      >; Alan Cummings

      Happy Clip'n!


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