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7991Re: [Clip] Text block ea line inserts html formatter clip

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  • Alan C.
    Dec 28, 2001

      Here's a more "down to earth" clip for the task.

      ; Last edited:Friday, 28 December 2001
      ; Alan Cummings
      ^!Skip Text must be selected.^%NL%^%NL%Is your text selected?
      ^!Goto end
      ^!InsertHtml <p>^&</P>
      ^!Replace "^p^p" >> "</p>^p^p<p>" AHIS
      ^!Replace "^p" >> "<br />^p" AHIS
      ^!Replace "<br />^p<br />" >> "^p" AHIS
      ; ---<end<<

      Regards. Alan.
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