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7979Re: [Clip] Disk Search from clip, checking, unchecking subdirs option: Help

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  • hpaulissen
    Dec 21, 2001
      Alan W., Alan C., Jody and the rest,

      I had the same idea as Alan and checked the values of the DiskSearch
      box in the ini file. The problem however was that the ini file is
      loaded at startup, if you have set all values to OFF/0 you are pretty
      much in control. But whilst you are changing the values in the
      dialog, these are not written to the ini-file (I think); this
      happens - I presume - only when you quit the program. (Try to change
      the values and open the ini-file to see what I mean).

      Just a shot in the dark, but worth investigating... What you could do
      as an alternative is to set all values to zero and in your clips you
      use/leave from these initital values. When you change a certain value
      (say Reg Expr.) you could record that change in a variable, which
      then holds the ON/OFF value for that specific option.

      When you call the clip a second time, you'll only have to check all
      the variables to identify the state of the options. Alan W.: if you
      have the courage to continue: keep us posted!

      BTW, you can actually use keystroke combinations instead of CTRL+TAB.
      Puts you even more in control (ALT+W for Whole Words, ALT+X for
      Regular Expressions etc.).

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