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7940Re: [Clip] ^* is stupid,stupid, stupid!!!

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  • Alan C.
    Dec 10, 2001
      Hi Lotta and everyone,

      >These are two of the lines I want to switch between in notepro.ini:
      ><img src="^*" width="^1" height="^2" alt="">

      But of course there's only one of those lines in the ini at any given time.

      In addition to Jody's last reply: I wonder that useage of a 2nd ini file
      could perhaps possible solution.

      Have your top line in NotePro.ini and have your 2nd line above in

      Just load yourname.ini when need that option. Revert to NotePro.ini when
      need the other option.

      I dunno how to or if can escape so as to savevalue directly to the ini

      I haven't tried it but I wonder How about copy ^* to clipboard then use

      savevalue ini $getclipboard

      Regards. Alan.
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