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7925Re: [Clip] ^* is stupid,stupid, stupid!!!

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  • Jody
    Dec 9, 2001
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      Hi Lotta,

      I did not test this, and didn't really try to figure out what you
      are doing, but see if you can get this to work:

      ^!SetCode %VariableName%=Value (added in v4.84)
      Similar to the ^!Set command, but assigns the value without
      interpreting ^?{} prompts and Clip tokens like ^P, ^T, ^&, ^*,
      etc. However, variables and functions used in the assigned value
      are evaluated normally. You cannot set multiple variables with
      this command.

      Sometimes you get lucky using a predefined variable:

      ^%CARET% = caret (^) (added in v4.6)

      >I wanted to write a Clip that would let me toggle between a couple of
      >alternatives for the relative path Notetab so kindly puts in for me when I
      >use Document | Insert HTML Link/Image.
      >These are two of the lines I want to switch between in notepro.ini:
      ><img src="^*" width="^1" height="^2" alt="">
      >If I try to get the output from $GetValue("Options:LinkImgTag")$ to check
      >which line is currently in use I get the interpreted value, i.e. the
      >windows path to the focused file, instead of "*^". I cunningly got around
      >that by counting the characters in the returned string,
      >^$StrSize("^$GetValue("Options:LinkImgTag")$")$, which works.
      >But, how do I write the new string to the ini file? Everything I try puts
      >the interpreted value in. If I was writing it to an ordinary document I
      >would split "^*" up and use two commands to insert the little beggars but
      >now I have to use the ^!SaveValue [Section:]Key=Value.
      >Nothing I've tried works. What's the trick here? HELP! Please.

      Happy Clip'n!


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