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7902Re: [Clip] Explorer won't close ???

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  • Tyrell_RR@hotmail.com
    Dec 3, 2001
      Hi Hans

      > I dont understand, why you want to close one (!) Explorer-Window,
      > may be, there are several open, you match the fist as luck would
      > have it

      Well, I did not get to the part to test and close any other open
      explorer windows (bad idee anyway, If there is a explorer window you
      don't want to be closed).

      I realy like the /select feature so that the requested document gets
      selected, but that don't work with a already open explorer window. So
      I make a clip that will select the requested document in a already
      open explorer window, but it was slower than just opening a new
      window. So I tryed [close old][open new], and got stuck on that
      closing problem ;(

      > What do you think about my idea: (needs 3 lines summarized)

      > ^!Set %Dirname%=^$StrDeleteRight(^$GetPath(^**)$;1)$
      > ^!FocusApp "Exploring - ^%Dirname%"
      > ^!IfError Next Else End
      > ^!Shell explorer.exe /e,/select,"^**"

      Not bad, I did not think about looking for a explorer that already is
      focused on the target directory.

      I think I stick to only using
      ^!Shell explorer.exe /e,/select,"^**"
      and leave the closing to my mouse.

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