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7901Re: clip to change Explorer view to focused file?

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  • Hugo
    Dec 3, 2001
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      Hi all,

      Alec wrote:

      The one shortcoming of all the versions using the "select" command
      parameter to pre-select the file is that focus is left in the left

      Hitting [F6] when the explorer window comes up, switches to the right
      side - Can anybody think of a way to get this done from the clip?


      Working on what already was proposed, I added a %File%-variable,
      which is typed in the right-hand pane (TAB / SHIFT TAB to switch
      panes)... I noticed that the timing may require some tweaking. Delay
      20 works for me, but use it with care. I also noticed that NoteTab
      tends to hang if the explorer-window cannot be refreshed properly.
      (Happened twice, but I do not know exactly when - The Clipbar turned
      empty - CTRL+ALT+DELETE worked after waiting 15 seconds or so).

      About Keyboard ALT+F4 to exit Explorer: yes, there are some
      applications that do not exactly what you'd expect. Especially system-
      based tools such as Explorer, Find etc. tend to ignore these keyboard-
      strings. I think you'll habve to live with the workarounds...



      ^!Set %Dirname%=^$GetPath(^**)$
      ^!Set %File%=^$GetFileName(^**)$
      ^!FocusApp Exploring*
      ^!IfError OPENExplorer ELSE AlreadyOPEN
      ^!Keyboard ALT+D
      ^!Keyboard CTRL+V ENTER
      ^!Delay 20
      ^!Keyboard SHIFT+TAB #^%File%#
      ^!GoTo EXIT
      ^!Shell explorer.exe /n,/e, ^%Dirname%
      ^!Delay 20
      ^!Keyboard TAB #^%File%#
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