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7900Re: [Clip] Explorer won't close ???

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  • Hans-Guenter Mueller
    Dec 2, 2001
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      Hi Tyrell,

      > Thinking to making a as small as posible "open document in explorer"
      > clip, I run into the problem of closing the current explorer window.

      I dont understand, why you want to close one (!) Explorer-Window,
      may be, there are several open, you match the fist as luck would have it

      What do you think about my idea: (needs 3 lines summarized)

      ; Bring the required - not any Explorer-Window to the front if it already exists:
      ; I prevent opening more than one Window for each Folder.
      ^!Set %Dirname%=^$StrDeleteRight(^$GetPath(^**)$;1)$
      ; The begin of the window title must match the language Version:
      ; It works in german here with:
      ;^!FocusApp "Explorer - ^%Dirname%"
      ; dont know: matches the following line the international version?
      ^!FocusApp "Exploring - ^%Dirname%"
      ^!IfError Next Else End
      ; If no matching Explorer-Window exists we open a new one using Tyrell's update
      ;^!Shell explorer.exe /e,/select,"^**"

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