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7888Re: [Clip] clip to change Explorer view to focused file?

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  • Alan C.
    Nov 30, 2001
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      Hi Jonathon,

      Here's the part of the picture that I know.

      >I'm wondering if anyone has done a clip that will open a window in Windows
      >Explorer to show the current focused file in Notetab?

      ^!Set %Dirname%=^$GetPath(^**)$
      ^!Shell explorer.exe /n,/e, ^%Dirname%

      it could be that on path with space in path name you might need quotes on
      the dirname variable thus

      ^!Shell explorer.exe /n,/e, "^%Dirname%"

      >I run Windows Explorer
      >nearly all the time, so I'd like the clip to if possible, change the view of
      >the currently open Windows Explorer to the directory of the focused file,

      ^!FarClip Utilities:Explorer

      focuses or opens if not open

      However, I only know that the explorer takes a command on the commandline,
      that is, whenever launching as opposed to focusing explorer. so, might not
      be able focus and change dir. can try it though. if need, perhaps a
      launch of not a 2nd one but of the explorer that's already open providing
      that explorer's command switches and options support that.

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