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  • Jody
    Oct 6, 2001
      Hi David,

      I do not know if this has been answered nor if I understand your
      question. Therefore, try: ^%nl% or ^^p depending on what you are
      trying to do. You and use a Clip with the ^!Replace command over
      a document or use the Replace tool over a Clip. Make sure you
      select the text in the Clip first else you may end up modifying
      your whole Library. I normally just take a quick peek at how
      many replacements might be made and make sure I get in that area
      for the total amount of changes done. If it is an outrageous
      number of replacements, then I know I goofed and did a Replace All.

      If you are using an ;H= box, then just use regular text formatted
      like you would a regular document. It is sort of like the <pre>
      tag in HTML if you are familiar with that.

      >In NT you have got a list of text eg.
      >To bring up a info box these words are all joined together with a ^p
      >between each one , I have tried clips without keyboard commands and each
      >time the clip executes the ^p and you end up with blank line between
      >each word .
      >Via a clip using keyboard commands I can add ^p to the font of ever
      >eg.^!keyboard $5E $70
      > ^!keyboard DOWN LEFT LEFT
      >How do you add these using an clip without keyboard commands??
      >The list above should look like below

      Happy Clip'n!


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