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  • h.paulissen
    Oct 1 1:43 AM
      Hi David,

      It is not exactly clear to me what you want to do with the list, but
      if you use

      ^!INFO ^$GetSelection$

      after making the selection the list is shown with all paragraph
      marks interpreted... If you want to align the info-box you should
      precede the text that you are going to show with [L].

      If you use this command:


      the string as you indicated in the end of your message is inserted
      into the document (note UseTokens, it's counterpart is
      RemoveTokens). Maybe this helps...

      Hugo Paulissen

      > Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2001 02:02:35 +1000
      > From: David McIntosh <dgmc@...>
      > Subject: ^p
      > Hi
      > In NT you have got a list of text eg.
      > fred
      > George
      > pholl
      > the
      > rent
      > To bring up a info box these words are all joined together with a
      > between each one , I have tried clips without keyboard commands
      and each
      > time the clip executes the ^p and you end up with blank line
      > each word .
      > Via a clip using keyboard commands I can add ^p to the font of
      > line.
      > eg.^!keyboard $5E $70
      > ^!keyboard DOWN LEFT LEFT
      > How do you add these using an clip without keyboard commands??
      > The list above should look like below
      > H=";words"
      > fred^pgoege^ppholl^pthe^prent
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