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7539Re: [Clip] Right Click Applications

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  • Alec Burgess
    Sep 30, 2001
      The Notepad replacement editor Metapad that Jody recommended some time ago
      (thx Jody) has as part of its install zip a regedit file that adds the keys
      to make it (Metapad) available on the right-context menu for ALL file types.
      I used it and if modified would do the same thing for NoteTab
      --------- file contents ------


      ; replace the metapad.exe between the two \" with the full path to metapad

      @="\"metapad.exe\" %1"
      ---------end file contets ------
      Just replace metapad by notetab and save as "add_Notetab_Context.reg" or
      something similar. Note: "&x" in "&xMetapad" above makes "x" the shortcut
      (ie. rightClick+x opens the file in Metapad - I didn't want to "steal" the
      normal "rightClick+m=Rena&me" usage.

      BTW (Jody,Eric): Is there a reason that the shortcut menu inside Notetab
      uses "Re&name" instead of "Rena&me"?

      Harvey - thx for the ContextEditor link - it looks much "nicer", I'm d/l'ing
      it now but this "quick and dirty" will get the job done.

      Regards ... Alec
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