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7305Re: [Clip] Re: Limit Reformatting to Copied Text WAS: Join Lines: Special marker for lists?

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  • Clueless in Seattle
    Sep 5, 2001
      I stumbled on the ^!PasteSelect command quite by accident, but it
      looked like it might be just what I was looking for. I added it to
      the clip Jody wrote and now seem to have a working "Paste Text from
      WEB page" clip:


      I've tried it and it reformats just the the text that is pasted --
      leaving the rest of the text in the file untouched -- so it seems to
      do just what I wanted it to.

      So now I guess it's time I sat down and studied that line of code that
      Jody gave me to see if I can figure out what each bit of it is doing:

      ^$StrFormat - Format the named string as follows

      "^$GetSelection$" - The string to format is the selected text

      0;9999999;0 - Left margin 0, No right margin, Don't Justify

      $ - But what is the dollar sign at the end? Does that mean that
      everything inside the parentheses is the name of the string?
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