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7283RE: [Clip] FTP clip (was Save and retrieve some folder path values)

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  • Andy Young
    Sep 2, 2001
      Hi, Harvey & Frank

      > Harvey said,
      > I wrote a clip to encrypt/decrypt both the ftp1.ini and
      > ftpscript.txt.

      Thanks for the additional lines and work. I've never wrote or worked
      with a clip that used NTP's encryption. I'll look the clip over and
      read up some more. Children are home from college so I'm doing other
      things. Thanks again.

      > Frank said,
      > I would like a few specific examples of why encrypted ftp.ini is
      > important. What are the risks to not encrypt. Is this LAN related?

      I would assume if you share a computer or stay connected to a LAN
      you might want to use encryption, considering my FTP.ini contains
      usernames and passwords for several websites. I don't worry about it
      on my computer but I thought I'd mention that the clip was not
      secure. Some people are more concerned about that than others. And
      then I thought, why not try to make it more secure? Others who
      regularly use encryption might give more useful information.

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