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7274Re: [Clip] FTP clip (was Save and retrieve some folder path values)

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  • Harvey R. Savage
    Aug 31, 2001
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      Andy Young wrote:

      > Hi,
      > The FTP.ini file holds information about
      > IP addresses and logins and passwords. It's not secure. However
      > myself and the clip are the only one who knows what file the
      > information is in. ... Hmm, any suggestions on how to encrypt and
      > decrypt the file? ... Below is the clip, FWIW, and an example of
      > what the ftp.ini file looks like
      > Hmm ... after looking things over, ftpscript.txt also contains the
      > logon information. Is there a way to leave the file but to delete
      > the information in it (ftpscript.txt) without opening and closing
      > it? Thanks
      > Andy

      Hi Andy,

      I pasted your clip into a clip library and made a ftp1.ini to get
      a better look.

      If you're serious about the security measures the quick answer is
      build a couple of clips, first to decrypt the files before use
      and another to encrypt again after you've completed your uploads.

      These clips could be stand-alone clips or be called (^!Clip) from
      the main clip or incorporated into the beginning and end of the
      "Up Load File to Web Site".

      The method for running the clips depends on how many files you
      may upload at 1 time or how long you maintenance session lasts.

      NoteTab features encryption/decryption that works pretty well,
      and quickly. It's not PGP but it wouldn't be real easy to

      Everything you need is in NoteTab, clip language and
      encrypt/decrypt capabilities.

      There are probably several list members that would be glad to
      take a stab at it with you.

      I'll look for a few possibilities also and let you know.

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