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7261To Thank or Not To Thank WAS: Clip to delete text between HTML tags

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  • Clueless in Seattle
    Aug 31, 2001
      Dennis wrote,

      > >You have once again saved me a ton of extra code to my bloated
      > >programs... thanks!

      Jody wrote:

      > Thanks, but it is not my ^!Replace line. ;) It was from:
      > "Jason Waugh" <jwaugh26@...>
      > But I'll let him know you said thanks. Jason, Dennis says thanks! <g>

      Yesterday I was scolded by a subscriber for posting a "Thank you"
      message to Jody:

      "With all due respect, a post like the one below does nothing to
      advance the
      topic. A thanks is better addressed directly to the person you are
      or held until there is substance to go with it. It takes unneccessary
      bandwidth and ads noise to archives. Even though saying thanks seems
      like a
      polite thing to do, it actually is bad form in a list group such as

      But today I noticed the above quoted thank you notes, one of them by
      our moderator, and so I'm confused.

      I'm wondering: Do the NTB lists have an official policy on whether or
      not we should post "thank you" messages? I think it adds to the
      friendly atmosphere on the list to see posts like the "thank you"
      messages quoted above. But I'll abide by whatever rule is in force
      for these lists.

      Is it really "bad form" to post a "thank you" to the list?
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