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685[Clip] Re: Neoplanet Channels to HTML

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  • Jody
    Jun 30, 1999
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      Hi Terry,

      > Thanks for your input Jody. I'm going to study your method and
      > see what I can learn from it.
      > In fact, Charlie Raines has given me some big clues in email
      > and I have now got this working just the way I want it. Thanks
      > Charlie!

      I am glad you got it working. I did not see the post answered so
      I replied. Normally I will send a private eMail to see if it was
      answered if it sat in my inbox for awhile. I messed up this
      time. I must remember to do that to save time in the future.

      Happy NoteTabbin',
      Jody Adair

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