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6752Re: [Clip] CSV to STK

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  • westerman@chanuteks.com
    Jul 1, 2001
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      --- In ntb-clips@y..., "Don Passenger" <dpasseng@i...> wrote:
      > It is very do-able in notetab.
      > I would start by going to Jody's snatch a clip and looking up his
      sort by
      > field clips.
      > I would start by sorting on field 10, then I would set a variable =
      field 10
      > and write to files each record until field 10 changes.


      Thanks for the tip.

      I tried Jody's NoteBlock:Extract Two Fields clip

      It crashes NoteTab everytime. I don't think it likes all the double
      quote marks. Any suggestions as to why this clip doesn't like my data?


      Craig ><>
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