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6749Re: [Clip] "New Web Page" clip

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  • Don Passenger
    Jul 1, 2001
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      I can answer some of this.
      The last email address used is saved in a file.
      I believe it is saved in notepro.ini unless you have specified a different
      .ini file.
      If you look for notepro.ini in the main directory, current session settings
      will not show until you close and reopen.
      for some info on this see: help: cliplanguage/variables.

      You will find the info like email here in the ini file:

      You will find the template file HTML.tpl in the Template folder under the
      notetab directory in most cases.
      To view that you need to use file/template/edit or it will execute.
      You will see near the top of that that it sets certain variables to the
      above values with the following:

      ^!Set %Author%=^$GetValue(HTML_Author)$
      ^!Set %Email%=^$GetValue(HTML_Email)$

      You can edit those, but it is best to create your own in your own library,
      otherwise when you update to the next version and overwrite, goodbye

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      Sent: Sunday, July 01, 2001 10:27 PM
      Subject: [Clip] "New Web Page" clip

      > Another "newbie" clip question... I'm guessing an easy
      > one.
      > The "New Web Page" clip, the top clip on NoteTab's
      > HTML clip library, invokes a wizard to automatically
      > create a Template for new web pages (eg web page title,
      > description, keywords, etc.).
      > I want to add some things to the standard page and also
      > take away the "creation date" line... but I don't know how
      > to do this!
      > 1) When I try to edit that clip, I get:
      > ^!Open ^$GetTemplatePath$HTML.tpl
      > I can't fine a file or clip with this name to edit to make
      > changes... what should I do?
      > 2) View|Options|Advanced gives me access to most or
      > all of those fields for when I convert an existing
      > documents to HTML, but it doesn't appear to have any
      > impact on the "New Web Page" clip.
      > Thanks in advance for any ideas!
      > PS--- One of the fields given is "email address". It seems
      > to remember and use the most recently used address
      > input for that field. Is this correct, or is my email
      > information stored somewhere?
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