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6744Re: [Clip] find in actual header

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  • Jody
    Jul 1, 2001
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      Hi Manuel,

      >ry opening a new file and use ^!InsertFile YourOTL.ot
      >Thanks for you idea. I'm thinking :-??
      >I want to select all line with symbol ~ for put a copy at the
      >start of the header of otl file.

      Yes, you can do it like you have below as long as there are not
      anymore "~" tildes (I think that thing is called;) in the Outline
      outside the headings. That is why I did it the way I sent it to
      you finding "H=" first then extending the selection to EOL using
      the H option so you only searched headers. I normally do not use
      Deleteline unless I really what the whole line deleted including
      the CR/LF. I do see your way that you can do it right in an open
      Outline. I find if you have to do all the headings and there are
      100s it is best to insert the file into a new doc. I goes a lot
      quicker like that.

      >Here is my work on sundays ;-)
      >the clip stop when are in different header and go back to the
      >header where I start.
      >The idea are select lines to put at the start with the title contents
      >^!Jump 1
      >^!set %NT%=^$GetTopicIndex$
      >^!Info You are in topic ^$GetTopicIndex$
      >^!Info I will delete symbol ~ in Topic ^$GetTopicIndex$
      >^!Find "~" HIS
      >^!If ^%NT% <> ^$GetTopicIndex$ End
      >^!IfError End
      >^!Goto buckle
      >^!SetTopicIndex ^%NT%

      Happy Clip'n!


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