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6742RE: [Clip] DOS Output

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  • Grant
    Jul 1, 2001
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      > oops! CORRECTION: you'll need to use ^$GetDosOutput instead of
      > ^$GetOutput in order for the suggested clips to work. e.g.:
      > ^!TextToFile "^%FileName%" ^$GetDosOutput(help dir)$
      > ^!TextToFile "^%FileName%" ^$GetDosOutput(help)$
      > quotes are optional. sorry about that, i even confused myself :|.

      Hi Tom
      How did this come out of the ether.

      If my memory serves me right I think I originally answered a question in
      relation to win2k 'network' commands .
      Using ^$getOutput()$ works in a nt4 or win2k environment , you might have
      to resort to using ^$getDosOutput()$ with
      as inferior ;) operating systems , I don't know?

      There is however a problem with ^$GetOutput()$ in certain circumstances
      where output goes to stdERR instead of stdOut
      which I hope Eric can resolve..

      Captures stdOut ok

      ^!set %FileName%=^$GetTempFile$
      ^!TextToFile "^%FileName%" ^$getOutput("netstat -p tcp")$
      ^!open ^%FileName%

      Does not captures stdOut but goes to StdError instead.

      ^!set %FileName%=^$GetTempFile$
      ^!TextToFile "^%FileName%" ^$GetOutput(netstat /?)$
      ^!open ^%FileName%
      ^!Open ^$GetStdErrorName$

      As a wild guess I would say it is something to do with "?" in the command
      prompt confusing the notetab parser
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