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6731Re: [Clip] Columnar data display

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  • Alan C.
    Jun 30, 2001
      Hi Harvey,

      >I don't have a problem starting at column 40 but I want the
      >numbers right aligned.

      Now that you and I called my attention to it I see that strformat does the same for me as it does for you.

      I have fun tinkering. Following got numbers rh aligned for me.

      ^!Set %fsiz%=^$GetFileSize(c:\temp\test.jpg)$
      ^!Set %fsiz%=________^%fsiz%
      ^!Set %fsiz%=^$StrCopyRight(^%fsiz%;8)$
      ^!Set %fsiz%=^$StrFormat("_";40;8;False)$^%fsiz%
      ^!Set %fsiz%=^$StrReplace("_";"^%SPACE%";"^%fsiz%";False;False)$

      could reduce the number from 40 in strformat if don't want it that far over on the page.

      bye. Alan.
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