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6489Re: [Clip] Clip encripytion y decryption

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  • Eric G.V. Fookes
    Jun 1, 2001
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      Hi Jody and Manuel,

      > >In this time is very important the security via email
      > >
      > >I test the library utilities, exactly clip encriptytion y decryption.
      > >I select text and write a pasword.
      > >
      > >But It's secure this?
      >In short, "You should not rely on this feature to protect very
      >sensitive data."

      Yes, I did include that warning in my documentation. I did so mainly to
      protect myself in case some sensitive data encrypted through NoteTab was
      cracked. NoteTab is used by quite a few large organizations and companies
      (including the US government and the secret service of several countries).
      I wouldn't want them to rely on NoteTab to keep extremely sensitive data
      safe from prying eyes.

      However, unless you are under investigation by some state agency or of
      prime interest to large groups of expert crackers, you can consider the
      encryption as very secure. The algorithm is based on RC4.

      Eric G.V. Fookes
      Author of NoteTab, Mailbag Assistant, and Album Express
      http://www.fookes.com/ and http://www.notetab.com/

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