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6430Re: [Clip] Clip to create a file

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  • Jody
    May 15, 2001
      Hi Jim and Marcus,

      >> I would like to write a clip using an input wizard which will
      >> let me create a file and save it to disk using the filename
      >> input by the user.

      You will probably want to use braces instead of brackets with
      these, especially if the Save command follows other scripting code.

      ^!Save ^?[Save focused document as]
      ^!Save ^?[(T=S)Save focused document as]
      ^!Save As ^?[Save focused document as]
      ^!Save As ^?[(T=S)Save focused document as]

      >> 2) I also need to collect directory paths to the NTB libraries
      >> folder, and others I would let the user browse to. How best to
      >> browse and store the paths for future use by the clip?

      ^!Save As ^?{Save focused document as=^$GetLibraryPath$FileName.clb}

      (T=S) lets you browse, but you cannot use a function like above with it.

      >The Wizard of NoteTab wizards is Jody. If there was ever a wizard
      >written he probably wrote it or in some way helped write it and
      >probably has a copy of every one ever written.<G>

      Thanks Jim, but there are surely others out there that write more
      complex scripts than I do.

      >Jim (Who has never written even one wizard)

      I don't knowingly write witches either. ;)

      Happy Clip'n!


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