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6426Re: [Clip] Clip to create a file

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  • Jim Hall
    May 14, 2001

      At 07:23 PM 5/14/2001, you wrote:
      >I would like to write a clip using an input wizard which will let me
      >create a file and save it to disk using the filename input by the user.
      >Can I do this with a wizard, and if so, can you give me some pointers
      >or an example of how to do it, or has someone already written something
      >similar that I can use as an example.
      >Basically, I need to collect some input and then write it all to a
      >2) I also need to collect directory paths to the NTB libraries folder,
      >and others I would let the user browse to. How best to browse and store
      >the paths for future use by the clip?

      In NoteTab go to TOOLS|QUICK LIST PROPERTIES| and select Clip Assistant and
      you will find help (in the Quick List window on the right side of the
      NoteTab screen) on creating clips which use wizards, including wizards
      which allow browsing.

      Also, the Clip Assistant uses wizards to get input to create Clips and the
      Clip Assistant text can be viewed if you open C:\Program Files\NoteTab

      The Wizard of NoteTab wizards is Jody. If there was ever a wizard written
      he probably wrote it or in some way helped write it and probably has a copy
      of every one ever written.<G>

      He probably has exactly what you are looking for and hopefully he will
      reply and tell you where to find it.

      Hope this helps

      Jim (Who has never written even one wizard)
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