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6393ChDir + Dos Command Clip

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  • Alan C.
    Apr 30, 2001
      Hi All,

      I know there are many very good dir/file manage filter displayer clips out
      there. But this one maybe fills a niche for me.

      This clip I came up with this by accident the other day. I used it to
      display a filtered set of files such as ChDir to libraries folder and run
      command: dir *.clb displays all libraries in the library folder.

      I haven't tried the del command yet to delete a file but it should work for
      that. probably could run it then select and copy a file to be subsequently
      deleted and then run the clip a 2nd time use del for the command and paste
      the filename

      I'll use it from time to time. On the chance someone beyond me might also
      then I share it here it is

      I'm on Win NT again for a while, it works good that OS. Haven't tested it
      on Win 98 yet but should work ok I think.

      IfDiff is the 4th line (just after a really long Set line).

      H="ChDir/dos command"
      ; Last edited:Monday, 30 April 2001
      ; Alan Cummings
      ; Can use for light file management duties
      ; ChDir to a folder then runs simple command
      ; Example: dir *.clb; example: del filename.txt
      ^!SetWizardTitle ChDir choice fields: Use either 1st *OR* 2nd
      ^!SetWizardLabel ChDir - Use *EITHER 1st *OR* 2nd field
      ^!Set %cdbrws%=^?{(T=D)ChDir DirBrowse choice->ChDir to=no_brows};
      %spot%=^?{(H=16)ChDir Pick Folder choice->ChDir to==_C:\Program
      Files\NoteTab Pro\Documents\|C:\Program Files\NoteTab
      Pro\Libraries\|C:\Program Files\NoteTab Pro\Scripts\|C:\Program
      Files\NoteTab Pro\|C:\My Documents\|C:\temp\|C:\}; %doscmnd%=^?{(T=M)Enter
      Dos command=}
      ^!IfDiff "^%cdbrws%" "no_brows\" Skip_2
      ^!ChDir ^%spot%
      ^!Goto Skip
      ^!ChDir ^%cdbrws%
      ; ^!Toolbar "New Document"
      ; ^!InsertText ^$GetDosOutput("^%doscmnd%")$
      ^!Info [L] ^$GetDosOutput("^%doscmnd%")$
      ;-----<end of clip<<