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6268RE: [Clip] Re: Problems capturing STDERROR

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  • Phillip S. Buckland, Jr.
    Apr 5, 2001
      At 10:20 PM 4/4/01, Jason Waugh wrote:
      > >I don't know the intricacies of using ^** you might have a point about it's
      > >'inconsistency' You would think it would work the same as ^$GetDocName$.
      > >Actually I never bother using "^**" and always use ^$GetDocName$
      > >instead.
      >Well, it's not so much an inconsistency with ^** as it is an inconsistency
      >in the way NoteTab and Perl are working together with respect to
      >STDERR. Maybe Perl isn't flushing before NoteTab thinks it's done
      >capturing STDERR? Maybe the NoteTab parser occasionally chokes on parsing
      >^**? This would result in the two different error messages appearing on
      >different tries with the same script....

      Thanks for the memory jog!

      I experienced the buffering problem when porting PERL scripts from Unix to
      MS-DOS several years ago (Perl 4, so the details have changed about
      avoiding the problem since I wrote those scripts). I recall needing to
      either disable buffering, or set it to line buffering (from block
      buffering) to make the problem go away.

      Find a Perl reference (here's one I have: "Programming Perl", second
      edition, by Larry Wall, Tom Christiansen & Randal L. Schwartz, published by
      O'Reilly, copyright 1996) and look for information on the "$|"
      variable. It allows you to set output filehandles to block buffering
      (default) or line buffering (which is needed for Perl with NoteTab, since
      it runs as a DOS program).

      Hope this is helpful.
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