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6237Re: Making numbers line up

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  • thefrank
    Apr 3, 2001
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      Hi Stephen ,

      I tested your clip using same file as other tests. 1000 lines
      formatted in 25 seconds! Nice job. Using String methods certainly
      handles some of the quirks inherent in other methods (after all, they
      are strings...) but is is strange to watch the cursor just sit there
      while the statusbar does all the work. (ahem..)

      I did have several newlines after the last text which did get counted
      in the final result, so if an accurate count is needed I suppose they
      will need to be trimmed.

      The only plausible argument (that I can think of) for presetting the
      RightMargin is if large batches of similar data needs to be formatted
      consistently over several sets, the longest line in one set may not
      be the same as another, or from batch to batch.

      Presetting the right limit would keep the output consistent over the
      long haul and improve readability, especially if the output pages are
      bound, or otherwise collated.

      All in all, itsa nice clip that works fine, and I learned some string
      stuff too.


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