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6230Re: [Clip] Re: Making numbers line up

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  • Stephen
    Apr 2, 2001
      Hi Wheeler,
      Figured it out,
      The problem is that I was using "; " as a list delimiter which added an
      extra space to every line but the first one.
      Line 27 should be:
      ^!Set %text%="^$StrReplace("^%NL%";";";^%text%;FALSE;FALSE)$"
      instead of
      ^!Set %text%="^$StrReplace("^%NL%";"; ";^%text%;FALSE;FALSE)$"

      Also, if the clip were thorough, it would somewhere add a routine to
      keep semicolons somewhere in the text from screwing up the format.

      wheeler54321@... wrote:
      > Hi Stephen!
      > I tested your clip, it does the job. But the output looks a little
      > different with extra space. For Instance:
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