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6207Re: [Clip] Re: Setting font

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  • Jody
    Mar 31, 2001
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      Hi Harvey, Hart, and All,

      I forgot that the Font dialog is one of the windows that
      ^$GetAppTitle$ won't work on so ^!Delay has to be used like you
      were doing already.

      >If you put a testing statement in you can use it on any machine.
      >>^!Keyboard Alt+D F C
      >^!Delay 1
      >^!IfSame "^$GetAppTitle$" "Font" Next else Skip_1
      >>^!Keyboard #^%Font%# Tab #^%Type%# Tab #^%Size%# Enter

      Sorry for all the typos last night. I'm surprised I did as well
      as I did. ;) I was taking two prescribed drugs and one of them
      contradicted with the main one I needed. Name a symptom and I
      probably had it. It took me about 5 minutes for a sentence to be
      typed misspelling many simple words - it was real hard to hit the
      right key. Needless to say I quit taking the eliville (sp) which
      was one of the drugs.

      Happy Clip'n!


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