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6193Re: [Clip] Re: Setting font

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  • Harvey R. Savage
    Mar 29, 2001
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      Ben Geyer wrote:
      > Harvey, (or Jody),
      > I've been following the recent exchanges on the setting of fonts. They all make
      > pretty good sense to me, but I cannot duplicate the performance. I have tried
      > Could this be caused by the fact that I am using NoteTab Std 4.84/np?
      > Ben


      In testing I sometimes got the same result as you, typing the
      font parameters into the document. In each of these clips below
      there is only 1 time delay - &50. You need to do multiple tests
      and increase the number until it performs as it should. Once you
      have enough delay to start working right then pad it an extra 5
      or 10 milliseconds.


      ^!Set %Font%=^?{(T=L;H=9)Font=Andale Mono|Arial Alternative|Arial
      Alternative Symbol|Courier|_Courier New|Fixedsys|Lucida
      Console|OCR A Extended|Terminal};
      %Type%=^?{(T=L;H=4)Type=_Regular|Italic|Bold|Bold Italic};

      ^!Keyboard Alt+D F C &50 #^%Font%# Tab #^%Type%# Tab #^%Size%#

      ^!Keyboard Alt+D F C &50 #Lucida Console# Tab #Bold Italic# Tab
      #12# Enter

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