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  • Len
    Mar 29, 2001
      Hi tf;

      here is a slight mod that works on my system. Other comments below.

      ^!Set %Font%=^?{(T=L;H=4)Font=Andale Mono|_Courier New|Fixedsys|Lucida Console}; %Type%=^?{(T=L;H=4)Type=Regular|Italic|_Bold|Bold Italic}; %Size%=^?{(T=L;H=5)Size=8|9|_10|11|12}
      ;Reduced delay;
      ^!KeyboardDelay 10
      ;Added &20 in front of #^%Font%#
      ^!Keyboard Alt+D F C &20 #^%Font%# Tab #^%Type%# Tab #^%Size%# Enter

      At 09:17 PM 3/29/01 -0000, you wrote:
      >Hi Len,
      >Yes! A much more elegant solution.

      Thank you, I imagine many others have done something similar.

      >I usually just hack something out until someone (in this case, you)
      >enlightens me as to the simpler method.

      Me also.

      >Now I have learned 3 new things re Keyboard:
      >1. KeyboardDelay nnn....Use first, once, and for all delays.
      >2. #example#....Wrap plain text with # to actuate
      >3. C &50 o &50 u &50 r....You can actually make a Clip *type*

      And some readers may not have known that ^%variable% can be used in
      ^!Keyboard #^%variable%#

      >Thanks to All!
      Regards, Len
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