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5959Re: [Clip] Highlighting text for programs

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  • Don Passenger
    Mar 3, 2001
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      I have had modest luck with noteawk myself.
      I do have it so that it tests the syntax of a script which is a HUGE plus.
      I keep an window open in dos to run the scripts though as I have not had
      consistent luck running them directly out of notetab. I get an error often.

      A lot of the pages I do are meant to render a web page on the fly. I seem
      to have better luck running a script that will modify another file or that
      sort of thing. I assume I probably need some type of self server for the
      former. Maybe therein lies the confusion?

      I also find I don't see what a clip in the noteawk library is supposed to
      do. Some of them are not intuitive to me. I know I take it as a begger,
      but a "user" read-me would help -- and if it is there I have not come across

      Don Passenger
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      > Wayne
      > I did download NoteAwk back when I was trying to use perl as I described
      > my previous message but even that didn't help. Would you post a simple
      > example that I might try to follow?
      > Thank you,
      > Ray Shapp
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