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5941Outlines and HTML (was Learning Exercise)

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  • Jody
    Mar 1, 2001
      Hi Ray,

      >Can you suggest an efficient way to convert the web page back
      >into an NT outline that I can update and use to re-generate the
      >web page while maintaining all the embellishments I've made to
      >the existing web page?

      If your hyperlinks are standard simple ones, such as [Link] going
      to headings, then my Outline Library will handle that. I do not
      know of an easy way to convert an HTML file to Outline off the
      top of my head other than to strip the HTML preserving the URLs
      and then do some sort of Clip to convert the HTML links to
      Outline. I don't think it will be an easy task though depending
      on the size of the Outline. The script may not be that hard to
      write, but each heading would need a prompt to see if it is
      indeed a heading, that is if you stripped HTML first. I don't
      have the time for it now, sorry.

      I tried at one time to make my Outline to Pages and
      Outline to Frames Clips do complicated [Links] like line numbers,
      documents, etc. and it just got to be a mess, so I aborted. I'm
      sure it could be done, but there are so many different
      possibilities, that I do not want the headache myself. ;)
      Perhaps that is why Eric has never added it to the regular
      Document to HTML. <g> I'm most sure he could do it though;
      perhaps v5. ;)

      >Under My Computer | View | Folder Options on the File Types tab,
      >TPL files are associated with both NOTEPRO and Mailbag, but
      >mailbag gets to them first! Is that because "Mailbag Template"
      >comes alphabetically before "TPL Files"?

      Yes, that would be my guess. I'm surprised it did both of them.
      You will need to rename the extensions in one of the programs and
      associate that extension with whichever one you changed it under.

      Happy Clip'n!


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