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5940Re: [Clip] Learning Exercise

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  • Ray Shapp
    Mar 1, 2001

      Your help in creating a glossary with table of contents from a large outline
      file worked extremely well. Thank you!

      I played with the two short clips you wrote for me then I followed your
      suggestion about doing the whole thing using Regular Expression within the
      Replace function and that worked too. Am I content? Of course not.

      This worked so well, I want to make on-going updates to this online
      glossary. For example, I already have about 60 new entries and I'm sure
      club members will be suggesting more additions every few days. This could
      be a simple process (just add to the original outline, use the outline sort
      feature, then regenerate the web page).

      The task is complicated by the fact that I added hyperlinks and bookmarks so
      users can easily hop among related entries. I also added 26 hyperlinks for
      the letters of the alphabet, and the 26 matching bookmarks within the
      glossary. I have some paragraphs of text at top and bottom of the glossary
      and a few hyperlinks at the bottom that take the user out of the glossary
      and into other parts of the website.

      Can you suggest an efficient way to convert the web page back into an NT
      outline that I can update and use to re-generate the web page while
      maintaining all the embellishments I've made to the existing web page?

      In this same context, I'm wondering whether I can combine the Template and
      Outline features to produce the glossary as an HTML page with all
      embellishments intact. When I played around with this idea, Mailbag grabbed
      any .tpl file I tried to create. Under My Computer | View | Folder Options
      on the File Types tab, TPL files are associated with both NOTEPRO and
      Mailbag, but mailbag gets to them first! Is that because "Mailbag Template"
      comes alphabetically before "TPL Files"?

      I'm not asking for a solution (yet). I sure could use some direction,

      Thanks again,

      Ray Shapp
      Watchung, NJ
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