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5938Re: [Clip] Highlighting text for programs

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  • wheeler54321@yahoo.com
    Mar 1, 2001
      --- In ntb-clips@y..., "Piotr Bienkowski" <syntax@n...> wrote:

      > Yes, there's two things that stop me from pupulating my system with
      > other text processing tools. NoteTab Pro and Perl. They work
      > excellent hand in hand.

      Yep! I just hope that our NoteTab Clippers find some time to learn
      just a little bit about Perl. Lots of those clips I see on this list
      is way more intense than Perl. I do not mean to take anybody away
      from writing beautiful clips. However, NoteTab supports Perl
      admirably - why not take full advantage of it.

      See for yourself - check out the "samples" library that comes with
      NoteTab and the "Perl Script", "_Perl NumLines" clips.

      While you are at it:

      Well, I truly cannot wait for Perl highlighting in NoteTab 5.

      If I can't do it, NoteTab/Perl can
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