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5933Re: [Clip] Highlighting text for programs

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  • Piotr Bienkowski
    Feb 28, 2001
      On 28 Feb 2001, at 17:07, Jody wrote:

      > NoteTab is 10 times the program of the simple Linux VIM, but
      > let's not get into that less it be on the Off-Topic list.

      Yes, there's two things that stop me from pupulating my system with
      other text processing tools. NoteTab Pro and Perl. They work
      excellent hand in hand.

      > Customizable syntax highlighting is coming in v5 along with a
      > large number of fantastic other features that will put NoteTab
      > leaps and bounds beyond the competition.

      I just can't wait for that. Any clues when it might be due for


      Piotr BieĊ„kowski
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