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5931Re: [Clip] How to run a batch file???

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  • brumer@seol.net.au
    Feb 28, 2001
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      > Anyway, after getting the needed record, by selecting, deleting all
      contents, and saving of the file ppplog.txt (which is what the clip
      does) then each internet session is recorded fresh into the file.
      And each time when the clip gets/opens/accesses to the ppplog.txt
      file, the clip only has one internet session to deal with each time.
      > Alan.

      Sorry about the delay Alan, our ISP is updating everything since he
      took over the old one. (the main reason I'm trying to run this idea.
      We have been offline more often than on so will adjust my "code" &
      see how it goes. I'll let you know......allowing Australian 'LAG' etc.
      It's pretty hard having a 'running' tit for tat when I reply while
      you are sleeping & vice versa!!

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