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5924Re: [Clip] How to run a batch file???

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  • Alan C.
    Feb 28, 2001
      I wrote

      >ppplog.txt is not written to until the dial up connection is disconnected.
      I'm not absolutely sure on that one. At first when I tested, I was always getting the same identical bytes received line transfered to the records.txt But then I caught on to the realization the reason for that was that each internet session appended to ppplog.txt and my ^!Find was starting at the top of the file which would make it always get the first occurrence of bytes received which if there were several or more bytes received lines then it would always get the first one which would always be the same.

      That was happening before I added the delete contents and save feature to the clip. The above problem now cannot happen since ppplog.txt gets refreshed so that it is a new and empty file each time.

      So, my point here is it's possible that the ^!Delay might be totally irrelevant and not needed at all. (I myself did not find need for the ^!Delay)

      Anyway, after getting the needed record, by selecting, deleting all contents, and saving of the file ppplog.txt (which is what the clip does) then each internet session is recorded fresh into the file. And each time when the clip gets/opens/accesses to the ppplog.txt file, the clip only has one internet session to deal with each time.

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