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5922Re: [Clip] Array Question

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  • Jody
    Feb 28, 2001
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      Hi Wayne and Eric,

      >> Perl would be quicker and better on large files if one has Perl
      >> and they know the code, but NoteTab is faster on smaller files.
      >> There is not a single function to get a line from a closed
      >> file, but it is not impossible with NoteTab:
      >> ^!SetArray %Line%=^$GetFileText(^$GetAppPath$ReadMe.txt)$
      >Your clip won't work unless the entire file fits into memory,
      >because GetFileText gets the entire file at once. The point of
      >reading line by line is to avoid this.

      Correct, but it is still very fast with smaller files. One does
      not notice any delay or memory problems with ReadMe.txt. ;) I do
      understand your point which was well made in your original post.
      I'm sure you understood mine as well that we could retrieve a
      single line from a file without actually opening it in NoteTab.
      Perhaps we will get a read line by line function in version five.

      Happy Clip'n!


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