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  • David McIntosh
    Feb 22, 2001
      I can fiddle yours a bit and get roughly want I want, thanks

      Jody wrote:
      > Hi David,
      > >Does anyone now a way to cut and paste MORE THAN ONE heading in a
      > >otl without changing it to text format first. I have a fairly
      > >large otl going on and would be easier if I could this instead of
      > >one at a time.
      > This is from the Clipbook help section. You probably know it...
      > "The second format can have multi-line text items and each item
      > can be identified by a descriptive header. This format must start
      > with an equal sign (=) on the first line, followed by the text
      > "MultiLine" (without quotes, character case does not matter).
      > Each pasteable text item must be separated by an empty line. If
      > you want to specify a header, add "H=" (without the quotes)
      > followed by your header. The header must be directly on the line
      > above the item it describes. Although it is not required in the
      > current version, it is recommended that you place double quotes
      > (") around each header."
      > So, you can Use Document InsertFile... and an outline to insert.
      > Make a Clip that will take the Clipboard contents, or use
      > OnClipboardChange to insert H=Heading into the file with the
      > appropriate line breaks. Simply save the file when done by the
      > outline name you want and click on reload.
      > H=Wrap Header
      > ; the whole thing here is a Clip
      > ^!InsertText ^pH="^$GetClipbard$"^p^p
      > ;------
      > H=OnClipboardChange
      > ; the whole thing here is a Clip
      > ^!InsertText ^pH="^$GetClipbard$"^p^p
      > You can also simply list your headings in a document leaving at
      > least one blank line between them (I prefer two) and do a
      > Find ^p^p^p and Replace with ^p^p^pH= (given you have two blank
      > lines.
      > If these are complete headings, that is, with the topic
      > underneath the heading as well, then adjust the formatting so
      > that you can do what you need to do with the Find and Replace.
      > Happy Clip'n!
      > Jody
      > http://www.notetab.net
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