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  • Jody
    Feb 18, 2001
      Hi David,

      >Does anyone now a way to cut and paste MORE THAN ONE heading in a
      >otl without changing it to text format first. I have a fairly
      >large otl going on and would be easier if I could this instead of
      >one at a time.

      This is from the Clipbook help section. You probably know it...

      "The second format can have multi-line text items and each item
      can be identified by a descriptive header. This format must start
      with an equal sign (=) on the first line, followed by the text
      "MultiLine" (without quotes, character case does not matter).
      Each pasteable text item must be separated by an empty line. If
      you want to specify a header, add "H=" (without the quotes)
      followed by your header. The header must be directly on the line
      above the item it describes. Although it is not required in the
      current version, it is recommended that you place double quotes
      (") around each header."

      So, you can Use Document InsertFile... and an outline to insert.
      Make a Clip that will take the Clipboard contents, or use
      OnClipboardChange to insert H=Heading into the file with the
      appropriate line breaks. Simply save the file when done by the
      outline name you want and click on reload.

      H=Wrap Header
      ; the whole thing here is a Clip
      ^!InsertText ^pH="^$GetClipbard$"^p^p


      ; the whole thing here is a Clip
      ^!InsertText ^pH="^$GetClipbard$"^p^p

      You can also simply list your headings in a document leaving at
      least one blank line between them (I prefer two) and do a
      Find ^p^p^p and Replace with ^p^p^pH= (given you have two blank

      If these are complete headings, that is, with the topic
      underneath the heading as well, then adjust the formatting so
      that you can do what you need to do with the Find and Replace.

      Happy Clip'n!


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