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5627RE: [Clip] Editing Python scripts(is that parrot dead monty?)

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  • Jody
    Feb 2, 2001
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      Hi Kent,

      Grant might give you the whole thing, but here ya go...

      >How do I send the name of the current file instead of ^%PyFile% in
      >^!INFO ^$GetOutput(python "^%PyFile%")$


      Launches the console program specified by "Command" and sends the
      current document text to the StdInput data stream. The function
      returns the console's StdOutput data stream. The stderr stream is
      saved in file called "StdError.err" in NoteTab's application
      directory unless another file is specified with the
      SetStdErrorName command. This command is only available in the
      commercial and trial versions of NoteTab.

      Try something like these:

      ; ^** = path to focused unsaved document if exists otherwise
      ; the path to the focused doc in saved state
      ^!Set %File%=^**
      ^!Info ^$GetInputOutput(python "^%File%")$

      ^!Set %File%=^?[(T=O)Get file path]
      ^!Info ^$GetInputOutput(python "^%File%")$

      > Where is info on the function ^$getScriptPath()$

      In Help under Clip Language - Disk Directories (I searched for
      GetScript under the Find tab). I'm not sure why Grant through in
      the "()" in the function except for you can do that in functions
      that don't normally have them.

      Returns the path for NoteTab script files (e.g. AWK, Perl, etc.;
      always ends with backslash).

      I still use Wayne's Cross Reference which I try to update with
      commands and functions it is not all of them. Wayne has some
      nice Libraries at his site NoteAwk being the most talked about
      after the Cross Reference. ;)


      Returns the path for NoteTab script files (e.g. AWK, Perl, etc.;
      always ends with backslash).

      Happy Clip'n!


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