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5626RE: [Clip] Editing Python scripts(is that parrot dead monty?)

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  • Kent Tenney
    Feb 2, 2001
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      Thanks for the help, it brings up a couple questions.

      How do I send the name of the current file instead of ^%PyFile% in
      ^!INFO ^$GetOutput(python "^%PyFile%")$

      Where is info on the function ^$getScriptPath()$


      On Thu, 1 Feb 2001 23:34:57 +1300, Grant wrote:
      Hi kent
      > > What is the preferred method for editing scripts, sending them
      > > to the interpreter, and viewing the output of the script?
      This should get you started

      You can grab the output of a python script with notetabs
      ^$GetOutput()$ method

      H= pythonHelloWorldTest
      ;name the script to be placed in ntabs script folder
      ^!Set %PyFile%=^$getScriptPath()$test.py
      ^!Toolbar new document
      ;the 2 line python script
      print "hello hello"
      print "is that parrot dead monty?"
      ^!Save as ^%PyFile%
      ;run python script and get  output
      ^!INFO ^$GetOutput(python "^%PyFile%")$
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